Warranty conditions:
Customers buy LIECTROUX vacuum cleaner products if they encounter problems or technical errors from the manufacturer. You can rest assured with the 30 day renewal mode from us:
•    The warranty is only valid at the warranty service  department of Phuc Vinh Smart Equipment Company listed on the Company's website: phucvinh.tech.
•    During the warranty period, the product is only warranted when the product broken due to manufacturing errors. The product has an intact warranty stamp and customer information, phone number in the company's database. If the warranty period expires, the Service Center will still support the maintenance of all damaged products of the product with fee.
•    Warranty measures include software upgrades, repairs, component replacement or other necessary measures at the discretion of the warranty center.
•    In order for the warranty to be processed as soon as possible, the warranty center reserves the right to use any form of free repair without prior notice to the customer. If customers have other requirements, please notify immediately when sending the product to Service center for warranty.
•    Warranty does not cover hardware technical support (connection, installation, etc.), software manuals, data recovery, applications, software, or assistance in removing or erasing passwords. password on the product.
•    In the event that the warranty requires replacement of parts, the service center has the right to use any type of component that conforms to the manufacturer's standards for replacement.
•    If product cannot be repaired, the company will replace another equivalent product and this product is not necessarily 100% new. •    The product does not warranty under the warranty disclaimer

Warranty period:  
•    12 months as authorized by the company for 2 product lines of cleaning robot LIECTROUX C30B and LIECTROUX ZK901.  
•    The first 30 days are to be renewed if the product is defective by the manufacturer.  
•    7 working days is the maximum warranty settlement time from the date of receipt (except Sundays and public holidays) and special cases can be resolved more slowly, we will respond to customers.

Terms and condition of warranty disclaimer:
Phuc Vinh Smart Equipment Company has the right to refuse warranty for cases not covered by the warranty, including the following cases:  
•    Product warranty expires.  
•    Damage not caused by manufacturing errors.  
•    Products are not distributed by Phuc Vinh Smart Equipment Company.  
•    Products are altered or repaired at locations not specified by the Company.  
•    Damaged equipment caused by a natural disaster, using an unstable power source or improperly installing, transporting or using equipment, having a circuit broken, burnt, burnt, or in water, …etc.  
•    Damage caused by animals entering the product.  
•     • Product damage is caused by the use with non-genuine accessories, products, software, dependent devices, and peripherals.   
•    The fault of the power supply network, internet or applications.  
•    Changes from service providers or applications that result in the inability to access or use those services or applications.  
•    Software, applications, data are lost or damaged during use.
 •    Naturally worn parts during use, such as the case, brush, filter, battery, etc.  
•    The product has no warranty data on the Company's data system or no warranty stamp; Or have warranty stamps but are not valid (peeled or torn).  
•    The model number, model number of the product is torn and / or illegible.  
•    The serial number stored in the device's hardware and the serial number printed on the machine label do not match.

Warranty service  center of Phuc Vinh:
Please contact us by:
• Website: phucvinh.tech to select and contact the nearest center or
• Technical hotline hotline: 0912.999.556